Spotlight on: Emily Davies
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Spotlight on: Emily Davies

Spotlight on: Emily Davies


Spotlight on: Emily Davies – Recruitment Consultant (Surgical Nursing)

Over the coming weeks, we will be shining a spotlight on some of our Healthcare Recruitment Consultants here at Linq Healthcare – highlighting a bit more about them personally, as well as the areas they cover, how they work, and how you can contact them when you be looking for your next healthcare position.

Today, we start with Emily Davies, who is a Recruitment Consultant on our Specialist Nursing Team. Emily joined Linq six months ago and focuses on finding Surgical Nursing staff their next exciting, permanent role within the Private Healthcare sector.

Emily joined the company, following a friend recommending a career in recruitment to her. After researching the various recruitment firms in Manchester, she was drawn to Linq initially as she recognized that they shared her values. After meeting Jo Reid and Mike McEvoy, the Directors of the company, she could see the passion they had for the business and was excited by the training and progression opportunities that could be offered.

In her first six months in the role, Emily has been given a thorough training plan, led by Mike himself, to develop her skills and experience in working with both candidates and clients alike. From business development to interview preparation, no stone has been left unturned!

As a result of this support, plus of course Emily’s consistent hard-work and tenacity, she has hit all her targets consistently, passed probation early and engaged with a new client – filling two of their specialist roles in her first month of supporting them.

We asked Emily what she enjoyed about working at Linq:

“I enjoy working at Linq as we are all very close, both inside and outside of work and very supportive of each other – which makes the difficult parts of the job much easier to handle when you have that support network around you!

Linq are also very attentive to any extra training or help you may need if there is an area you’re struggling with, which I feel the majority of companies aren’t able to provide.”

A supportive Consultant, Emily advised that when speaking with healthcare sector workers, she is currently seeing a lot of people who are naturally very worried about the cost-of-living crisis and associated with that, want reassurance on pay rates and the unknown of moving to a new workplace.

As a result of these concerns, she is seeing that some permanent staff are considering turning to agency work for the higher pay rate and flexibility – however, this can mean that people need to choose between the training and progression which are highly valued in permanent positions, and these higher pay rates.

So how is Emily supporting her network with these worries?

“For each candidate I work with, I make sure that we have complete transparency about the process and ensure we’re on the same page.

I always give all potential options to candidates, giving them my honest advice and discussing the pros and cons of each option – so that a couple of months down the line when they’re in a new role, they aren’t regretting their decision and are in a supportive environment that values their input.”

In 2023, Emily has big plans – with her personal goal being to achieve Senior Consultant status and be a driving force on the Specialist Nursing Team. Sector-wise, she is planning on ensuring her knowledge of the Specialist Nursing sector is unrivalled, resulting in being able to give candidates and clients an in-depth and accurate account of the state of the current market.

So, why should you work with Emily? Well, in her own words:

“I am a friendly and honest individual, which results in a more relaxed atmosphere when working with both candidates and clients. I am meticulous in ensuring I provide the best service to anyone I work with and leave no stone unturned.

Furthermore, I am a very determined (some would say tenacious!) individual, and if all options seem to be exhausted and I believe there to be another path to success, I will take it, when working in the best interests of my candidates!”

You can reach out to Emily (or the wider Linq Healthcare team), on 0161 924 1433 or click here to see any current vacancies.

Alternatively, if you are looking to start, or develop, your career in recruitment, please reach out to Mike McEvoy to discuss the opportunities Linq currently have internally – on 0161 924 1433 or