Partnership agreement announced between The London Clinic and Schoen Clinic London
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Partnership agreement announced between The London Clinic and Schoen Clinic London

Partnership agreement announced between The London Clinic and Schoen Clinic London

The London Clinic has announced a partnership agreement with Schoen Clinic London, with the aim of supporting patient pathways in both spinal surgery and orthopaedics.


Under the terms of the agreement, Schoen Clinic London will be able to access advanced diagnostic technologies including the state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner recently acquired by The London Clinic. In addition, Schoen Clinic’s patients will be granted access to the London’s extensive network of eminent consultants, in a wide range of medical specialities.


Known as the UK’s largest independent private hospital, The London Clinic was established in 1932 and has its main hospital facility in the City of Westminster. It also has an eye clinic and consulting rooms on London’s prestigious Harley Street.


Schoen Clinic London is a world-class private hospital specialising in orthopaedic and spinal problems, as well as mental health problems and eating disorders. It’s part of Germany’s largest family-owned private hospital group, and has recently opened a new 39-bed highly specialised hospital in London.


Commenting on the partnership announcement, The London Clinic’s chief executive Al Russell said:

“I believe that this partnership agreement between The London Clinic and the Schoen Clinic London will benefit our leading specialist consultants and their patients, who will have fast access to our comprehensive range of services.


“Both hospitals have shared values and a focus on providing excellence in healthcare outcomes.”


Meanwhile, Schoen Clinic London emphasised the benefits of being able to access a wider range of technologies, treatments and expertise. Hospital director Erin Shaffer said in a press release:


“This partnership allows Schoen Clinic to focus on providing specialised outcome-based orthopaedic and spinal treatments, whilst ensuring that all aspects of patient care are delivered to the highest possible standards. For this reason, we look forward to working with The London Clinic to provide a seamless pathway for our patients across other medical specialties.”


Another key partnership for The London Clinic


Since the partnership announcement was made, The London Clinic has also teamed up with Datar Cancer Genetics. This new partnership aims to improve the detection and treatment of cancers, with the use of non-invasive technology and research.


Working with Datar Cancer Genetics, the Clinic will be able to examine a patient’s DNA and pinpoint exactly the kind of cancer they have. It will also be able to deliver an improved and streamlined pathway of diagnostics, treatment, monitoring and aftercare.


In other updates for the private hospital operator:


  • The London Clinic celebrated its 90th anniversary in January 2022
  • Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM) awards the Clinic’s Duchess of Devonshire Wing (its dedicated cancer unit) with five stars and an ‘excellent’ rating.
  • A new clinical trial exploring treatment for patients with Addison’s disease was launched in May 2022, the first sponsored study for The London Clinic.


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