Who is Linq Healthcare Recruitment Specialists?
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Who is Linq Healthcare Recruitment Specialists?

Who is Linq Healthcare Recruitment Specialists?

Linq Healthcare was founded by one of our directors – Jo Reid in 2017. Having worked in the healthcare recruitment industry for a number of years and noticing the quality slip, Jo felt that there was a need for a specialist agency who would focus and achieve the quality that is required in the healthcare industry. A specialist agency who would prioritise maintaining the highest standard. 

Although, going out there and doing it on your own does not come without it’s difficulties. You don’t have a team to pick you up after a hard day, nor do you have a colleague to celebrate your wins with. Jo is very resilient. She worked very hard – which helps when you love what you do! 

And it didn’t take long until Mike McEvoy joined Linq Healthcare as Co-Director. Mike has years of experience in the Health and Social Care industry and grew a large team around him with his previous company. When the opportunity came up to join forces with Jo – he could not give it up.

With both of their expertise and focus on high quality candidates and building great relationships with clients Linq Healthcare is ever growing! Jo and Mike have a keen eye for recruiting the ideal candidates and why should it be any different when recruiting for your own company. As our director Mike puts it – “We’re very lucky to have hired great people and have the best team around us!”

Whilst yes, of course, there is plenty of competition out there in the healthcare market, Linq Healthcare is focused and firmly sticking to our mission of becoming no.1 go to provider for health and social care staff. With Jo focusing on and building a great team around her to recruit for the permanent market and Mike building a new team and clientele in the temporary market there is no stopping us! 

If you need anymore information please get in touch and we will be happy to help.